Vantage FX review :
Company Information

Vantage FX  is an Australian online broker based in Sydney. It offers trading of Forex currency pairs and CFDs on commodities, indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Created in 2009, this broker has gradually gained popularity and followers in an industry that is already very competitive.

Vantage FX offers different solutions to investors who can use a multitude of platforms to access their trading account and trade properly. Order execution is fast and thanks to its quality customer support, traders can benefit from a professional environment at a lower cost.

When it comes to the cost of trading, the broker keeps making progress. Its ECN account now offers very competitive spreads, it is an ideal broker for scalping. Vantage FX is one of Australia’s leading brokers, if you are looking for a reliable broker to trade Forex this is the perfect fit for you.

Disclaimer Risks incurred: You risk your capital. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders manage to make profits through Forex trading and CFDs. 75-89% of clients lose their investment. You must be able to afford to expose your capital to such risk

Vantage FX review :
Platforms & Tools

Vantage FX review :
Trading Accounts

Vantage FX offers 2 ECN accounts with a different minimum deposit. The Standard account is commission free. An Islamic account without swap is also offered.

Vantage FX Review :
RAW ECN account

ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network. With the ECN account, your orders on currency pairs are passed directly to the various liquidity providers of Vantage FX. However, Vantage FX is not 100% ECN type, as other instruments are offered by CFDs.

RAW ECN is  flagship account. It offers tight, sometimes zero, spreads for highly liquid assets like EUR / USD and USD / JPY. The broker ensures that the liquidity offered by this account is of institutional level. Trading conditions are indeed excellent on the RAW account, with fast order execution.

The broker deducts a commission on currencies, which amounts to $ 3 per lot traded, which is roughly in line with industry standards. RAW ECN account offers over 180 assets, among which you can trade. The leverage offered there can be up to 1: 500. However, this will be limited to 1:30 if you reside in Europe, in accordance with the regulations established by ESMA since June 2018

Vantage FX Review :
PRO ECN account

This account is offered to professional traders and other wealth managers, trading large volumes. The spread is comparable to that of the ECN account, but the ECN PRO is even more competitive, with a commission of just $ 2 per lot traded, which is unbeatable.

This low cost allows for algorithmic trading and Vantage FX ensures that orders on the ECN PRO account are executed instantly for up to 40 lots.

It is important to note that the broker does not check if you have professional experience or not, to have the PRO account. Just make a deposit of $ 20,000 and apply to the broker.

Vantage FX Review :
STP standard account

The spreads are wider with this account, but no commission is charged. It is designed for beginners wishing to get started in online trading. The Standard account enjoys the same liquidity as the ECN accounts. The execution of orders is of the STP type. With STP (Straight Through Processing) technology, all Forex orders are transmitted to Vantage FX liquidity providers.

The minimum deposit for this account is only $ 200. If you want to change your account type, you can request it at any time. Just close all your current positions and have the minimum balance required.

Vantage FX Review :
Islamic Account

The Islamic account has the particularity of not having swap fees, it is also called an account without swap. This account does not impose any interest rate charges that are deducted from your account when you hold your position overnight. You may, however, pay other position administration fees.

Vantage FX offers a Sharia Compliant Islamic Account certified by the Chairman of the Sharia Supervisory Board, Sheikh Hassan Qamra. This account can be ECN or Standard STP. It is available on request from the broker.

Vantage FX Review :
Demo account

Vantage FX offers an unlimited demo account to holders of real trading accounts. This allows you to develop strategies before you start trading for real. Without deposit, the demo account is limited to 30 days.

Vantage FX review :
Regulation Security of Funds

Vantage FX is a safe  broker. It is regulated in Australia by ASIC. Your deposits will be segregated into partner bank accounts. The broker does not offer a compensation fund.

Vantage FX works to earn the trust of its investors and clients. According to the broker, this is what sets it apart from its competitors. The broker has a policy of rigorous ethical practice, in order to offer the best service to its clients. To ensure the security of deposits, several measures are put in place by the broker.

Vantage FX is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). As a leading broker in Australia, the broker must comply with the regulations and guidelines of this market gendarme.

The broker is also regulated by the CIMA (Cayman Islands Monetary Authority).

This regulation is a guarantee of confidence for its clients, who can be sure that their broker is supervised. Vantage FX is additionally audited by KPMG, the international auditing and consulting firm.

The KPMG audits the financial reports of Vantage FX annually. He regularly performs deposit checks for Vantage FX clients in accordance with Australian auditing and insurance standards.

In fact, the funds of Vantage FX clients are segregated. In other words, they are segregated from the broker’s own funds. Consequently, the broker cannot use the deposits of its clients to finance its activities. This measure protects Vantage FXclients from possible brokerage bankruptcy. Much of client capital is held by the National Australia Bank, which is one of the country’s largest financial institutions.

Vantage FX review :
Deposit and withdrawal

The deposit methods are diverse: Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, credit card, wire transfer, China Unionpay and FasaPay. The minimum deposit is 200 dollars, or 200 euros if you have an account in this currency.

Vantage FX offers the most commonly used deposit methods. The broker also allows you to withdraw your funds by the same method used when depositing. The solutions offered are payment by card, by bank transfer, as well as by Skrill and Neteller electronic wallets. Other deposit methods are available, depending on the country or region of residence.

Each type of account has its minimum deposit. That for the standard account is $ 200, while the minimum deposit for ECN RAW and ECN PRO accounts is $ 500 and $ 20,000 respectively.

Regarding withdrawals, the amount of all your withdrawals must be less than or equal to that of the deposit, otherwise you will have to make a transfer request. Suppose you make a card deposit of $ 500 and then request a withdrawal of $ 700 after making a profit. In this case, 500 euros will be returned to your card, the additional 200 euros will be sent to you by transfer.

Vantage FX review :
Trading Conditions & Platforms

Vantage FX only offers MT4 and MT5. All versions of these two platforms are available. An extension, Smart Trader, is added to MT4 to provide it with new features. Solutions are offered for copy trading and social trading.

Vantage FX Review :
MetaTrader 4 and 5 for PC and MAC

Vantage FX Review
MT4 and MT5 are the most popular platforms for Forex trading. They are quite supplied with analysis and drawing tools and complement the Vantage FX webtrader. These platforms allow the programming of trading robots and automated trading.

In addition, a large library of trading robots and indicators, free or paid, is offered within the platform.

Vantage FX Review :

Vantage FX has not developed its own web trader. The webtraders made available are those of MT4 and MT5. The advantage with webtraders is that you access your account from any browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, Firefox …).

Vantage FX Review :
Applications mobiles

Mobile applications are also those of MT4 and MT5. They are available on Android and iOS.

Vantage FX Review :
PAMM and MAM platform

Vantage FX offers a complete solution for providers of trading signals. For the management of several accounts at the same time, the broker integrates the MetaFX platform, with which it offers an advanced management tool. Its dashboard allows you to share your positions from MT4. The advantage is that the signal provider can automate their PAMM or MAM service using trading robots.

The MAM allocation speed is 5 ms per account. The positions are therefore instantly copied to the investors’ accounts. Vantage FX does not limit the number of accounts you can connect to PAMM or MAM.

Vantage FX Review :

You can do social trading with the ZuluTrade integration. This platform is more flexible than MAM and PAMM solutions, as it lets investors follow multiple signal providers, regardless of their profile. ZuluTrade offers a complete dashboard, which allows you to manage the different traders you follow: allocation, position size, maximum allowed loss, etc.

ZuluTrade uses several parameters to rank its signal providers. You will be able to follow the best ones and receive the trades on your Metatrader account.

Vantage FX Review :

Myfxbook est une autre solution de trading social que Vantage FX offre. Grâce à AutoTrade, vous pourrez suivre les meilleurs robots de trading parmi plus de 90 000 systèmes offerts par cette plateforme. AutoTrade vous offre un contrôle total sur les positions reçues. Vous pourrez les fermer à partir de votre compte Metatrader.

Vantage FX Review :
Free VPS

With a deposit of at least $ 1000, Vantage FX offers you a free VPS (Virtual Private Server). VPS is essential if you want to do automated trading. Because the computer or the server running your Metatrader should not be shut down.

From your dashboard, you can opt for Vantage FX free VPS. You subscribe to one of their preferred providers, then send the broker your monthly invoices. It refunds it to your trading account.

Vantage FX Review :
Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit is 200 dollars or 200 euros.

Vantage FX Review :

Forex: The broker offers 40 tradable currency pairs, with leverage of up to 1: 500 (1:30 in Europe).

Vantage FX Review :
Spreads & Commissions

The spreads on the Standard account are quite wide, but the overall fees and commissions on ECN accounts are very competitive.

The spread is from 0 pip for ECN accounts. Sometimes zero spread is obtained on EUR / USD or USD / JPY. The commission per lot traded is $ 3 and $ 2 respectively for RAW ECN and PRO ECN accounts.

  • The spreads on the Standard account are wider.
  • Commissions on US Stock CFDs start at $ 6.

Vantage FX Review :
Bonus and  promotions

Currently, Vantage FX Broker provides a 100% bonus for every deposit. This is a good bonus that will welcome traders and give them extra money to keep trading. With this bonus, you can afford higher margin trading without worrying about the risk. And you can choose from different types of payment methods including Netteller, Skrill, wire transfer, and credit card.

Vantage FX review :
Financial markets and products

Vantage FX offers trading in the most accessible markets for beginners: 40 currency pairs, 13 indices and 20 commodities.

To ensure the best liquidity for these instruments, Vantage FX has partnered with more than 30 liquidity providers. Among them are Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas, Société Générale and Goldman Sachs.

Forex: The broker offers 40 tradable currency pairs, with leverage of up to 1: 500 (1:30 in Europe).
Indices: 15 CFDs on major indices are offered, with leverage up to 1: 200: FTSE 100, CAC 40, Dow Jones, Euro Stoxx, etc.
Commodities: energy resources are available for trading by CFDs: oil, gas, diesel. Agricultural materials are also negotiable: coffee, cocoa, cotton, etc. Vantage FX also offers CFDs of precious metals: gold, silver, copper.
Shares: CFDs on the shares of the 50 largest companies listed on the various New York stock exchanges: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Alibaba, etc. There are also stocks listed in Hong Kong.
Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple against the dollar.

Vantage FX review :
Customer support

Customer support is available in English, but you can still send emails in French for your questions.

Vantage FX site is translated into French, making it easy to find the information you are looking for. Instant messaging is available on site to quickly reach support. If no agent is online, the tool prompts you to send an email to support. When we accessed the chat, an English speaking agent was available after a 4 minute wait.

You can call the broker using the phone number listed on the site’s main menu.

The FAQ is difficult to find (at the bottom of the site), it is not translated into French, but around thirty questions are answered in the English version of the site.

Vantage FX review :

The trading training is not very detailed. There are tutorials on Metatrader and on Smart Trader tools. The resources are in English.

Vantage FX offers beginner training consisting of articles. The basics of Forex trading are explained there: sessions, types of pairs, lots, etc. The concepts of technical analysis and fundamental analysis are also discussed.

There is also training on MT4 and MT5: how to use these platforms and how to integrate and use the Smart Trader. Video tutorials are also available for MT4.

Vantage FX review :

Vantage FX is a transparent broker with good regulation. The diversity of its platforms allows you to trade according to your preferences and benefit from rapid execution of your orders. Its ECN account is competitive and offers the best spreads in the industry.

The broker only offers Metatrader, but this software comes in different versions: PC, MAC, webtrader and mobile, so you will have the choice in terms of trading platforms. In addition, the Smart Trader extension adds new features to MT4.

Vantage FX review :

Is Vantage FX Safe?

Vantage FX is a safe and regulated broker. He is authorized to offer his services in all word

Can you trade cryptos on Vantage FX?

Yes. Cryptocurrencies are offered by CFDs.

What is the minimum deposit at Vantage FX?

The minimum deposit is 200 dollars or 200 euros.

Is there a Vantage FX app?

You will be able to trade through MT4 and MT5 applications.

Vantage FX review :
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Vantage FX offers multi-asset trading on a range of platforms and mobile solutions.

Vantage FX review :
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