Roboforex review :
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Established in New Zealand in 2009, RoboForex is one of the safest and most popular online brokers in the world. From the positive feedback from all the web portals, it is easy to see that the trader who knows RoboForex often prefers it to the competition.

The opinions and analyzes of specialists verify this effect, as they tend to agree that RoboForex is one of the best places to invest in Forex. With four platforms and seven types of trading among its options, RoboForex is one of the most versatile brokers.

Read on to learn more about RoboForex, the broker that is being talked about among the opinions of both new and experienced users.

Disclaimer Risks incurred: You risk your capital. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders manage to make profits through Forex trading and CFDs. 75-89% of clients lose their investment. You must be able to afford to expose your capital to such risk

Roboforex review :
Platforms & Tools

You can choose one of the four platforms to use RoboForex as your personal broker. The tools and how to view your account depend on the platform you choose, so its importance should not be underestimated.

The most widely used of RoboForex’s platforms is MetaTrader 4, which is not exclusive to the site. It’s the one with the best tools, that works for a wide range of broker account holders, from newbies to professionals.

MetaTrader 5, in turn, is an updated version of the just-named one, but it has yet to reach its peak. Experts agree that it will eventually outperform its predecessor.

cTrader, on the other hand, is a platform designed for more experienced traders who need speed in executing orders, and less conventional and more complex instruments to visualize and execute their trading strategies. RoboForex covers a wide range of investors.

RoboForex also offers applications for mobile phones as mentioned above. The idea of ​​transacting anytime, anywhere is a popular favorite, and the platforms are available for the Play and Apple Store.

The platform you use will not change your account type or fees and commissions. You can also trade currencies, Bitcoin indices, and all types of currency and commodity trading.

Roboforex review :
Trading Accounts

Roboforex Review :
Cent Account

In addition to conventional trading accounts, RoboForex offers specific accounts which are based on certain types of trading, or which are intended for users with certain expectations.

With a minimum deposit of 10 dollars and a minimum spread of 1.3 pips, you can use the most popular platforms of RoboForex i.e. MetaTrader 4 and 5 to trade more than 36 currencies.

Roboforex Review :
ECN Account

ECN accounts are intended for professional use only, and will only be available on RoboForex from 2020. With leverage of up to 1: 500, minimum spread of 0 pips and the classic minimum deposit of 10 $, you can use it with MT 4 and 5, and the reviews don’t recommend it for newbies.

Roboforex Review :
Islamique Account

You can learn about Islamic Swap Free Accounts here. This type of account is a perfect example of the innovative and modern character of RoboForex according to users.

On Islamic accounts, instead of charging a swap commission like on other accounts, users pay a fixed commission which depends on the type of currency pair (EUR / USD, Bitcoin / USD, for example) but not the rates of interest of issuing entities.

Roboforex review :
Regulation Security of Funds

RoboTrade Ltd is an international brokerage regulated by the IFSC (license IFSC / 60/271 / TS / 15). In addition, RoboTrade Ltd is a member of the Financial Commission, an organization engaged in resolving contentious financial issues between brokers and traders.

RoboForex (CY) Ltd is a European broker regulated by the Cypriot regulator CySEC (license n ° 191/13) and registered in the UK under FCA number 608962. RoboForex (CY) Ltd is also part of ICF – Cyprus, the investor compensation Fund offering insurance investment investors up to 20,000 euros.

Roboforex review :
Trading Conditions

Roboforex Review :
Spreads & Commissions

RoboForex, like most online brokers, operates on the basis of commissions and spreads. Batch commissions, on the one hand, only apply to business accounts like Pro-Cent and ECN, which charge $ 2 per batch.

Additionally, the aforementioned accounts charge special fees for successful equity financing transactions. The commission of $ 20 per million dollars on ECN and Pro-Cent accounts is the most mentioned rate in user reviews.

You can find out more about RoboForex’s commissions and fees by contacting their technical support (+34 911 237 952 from Spain) or visiting their home page.

Roboforex Review :
Deposits / Withdrawals

You can deposit money into RoboForex by credit and debit card, Neteller or Skrill, being curious about the absence of Paypal among the payment methods. The means of withdrawal are also exactly the same.

At RoboForex, the minimum deposit depends on the type of account. Pro-Cent, Pro-Standard and ECN accounts have a minimum deposit of 10 USD, 10 EUR or the equivalent in the currency of the account you opened.

On the other hand, professional accounts have higher minimums. For prime accounts, for example, the minimum deposit is $ 5,000 or the equivalent. And if you trade from the R Trader platform, the deposit is 100 dollars or euros.

Roboforex review :

The main features of RoboForex will not be affected by the platform you choose: Forex trading, secure Bitcoin trading and accessing different types of accounts according to your preference are all possibilities available, not subject to the one or the other platform.

There are some tools that are also independent of the platform being used, as I know they can be accessed directly from the page. These are the R Trader stock strategy maker, the trading calculator and the Forex, indices and stocks charts.

Visualization and analysis tools such as Fibonacci or RCI depend on the platform you choose to use for your RoboForex account. Each of them has its own functions, built-in software and analytical tools for proper trading.

These tools will allow you to compare trends, analyze information using heat maps, and start a safer and healthier investment in Forex that a novice cannot. succeed without help.

The MetaTrader 4 and 5 have a simple and well respected interface for feedback. While the usefulness of a platform is somewhat subjective, it certainly offers interactive charts and constant updates on research from Forex, Bitcoin, and others.

Finally, there are some platforms that are not available for mobile, or at least that don’t work as efficiently as others. Be sure to take this into account before choosing one or the other to trade Forex or invest in a commodity.

Roboforex review :

Our conclusion on RoboForex is overwhelmingly positive, mainly due to the versatility of the site. On the Internet, it is common to find brokers designed for beginner traders or for professionals. But it’s rarer to find one that fits both.

RoboForex is the right one, and one of the favorites among user reviews, precisely for this reason. A huge body of investors have tried RoboForex and left satisfied because they felt they fit in perfectly with this broker.

This is all true not only because of the wide range of products and currencies available, but also because it has an assortment of platforms and accounts that make it very rare to find a user who does not do not feel comfortable there.

In addition, the interface is so easy to understand and use and the huge amount of tools to visualize, analyze and manage information is a real plus. This strain is so tall it can even be a bit overwhelming for newcomers.

Overall, RoboForex is a broker worth at least a try. Remember that you have a trial period in the form of a demo account for each of the account types you can choose from in RoboForex.

In addition, with such an efficient technical support service and absolute availability, RoboForex is among the safest in the market, because in the unlikely event of a problem, it will be fixed immediately.

Roboforex review :

What is RoboForex?

RoboForex is an online brokerage. Thanks to this platform, you can invest in Forex, the largest foreign currency market in the world. Dollar, Euro, Yen and Bitcoin are just a few examples of the markets in which you can invest through RoboForex.

How does RoboForex work? How can I use it?

You can think of RoboForex as an intermediary between you and the possibility of investing in real currency and in the stock market. You need to get a license to trade, so you can't do it without a broker. You can use it by going to the main page and creating an account.

How to invest in RoboForex?

Buying, i.e. investing, and selling on RoboForex is called “trading”, and you can do this after you have created a verified account, and after you have made your first deposit.

Is RoboForex Safe?

Yes of course. Like all brokers reviewed by Wallet Adviser, RoboForex is absolutely safe. Security is very important, especially when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, so be sure to choose a safe broker for your transactions.

Is RoboForex regulated?

Yes, RoboForex has the special brokerage regulations of IFSC Belize and Financial Services Complaints LTD. In addition, he is a member of the Compen

Roboforex review :
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Roboforex review :
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